Tobacco Information

Home grown tobacco is legal in most states and countries as long as the amount you grow is within the allowed quantity by the law, unlike duty free tobacco. It is good to check with your local authorities to know the specifications of the law on growing your own cheap tobacco and for Norwegian Tobacco. Finding information on tobacco online is quite easy.

Most of the homegrown cheap tobacco is used as rolling tobacco. Many of the backyard growers tend to use their produce for making their own cigarettes rolls.

Home grown tobacco is one of the best sources of organic tobacco. Backyard growers of tobacco and slim tobacco tend to utilize the cheap and environmentally friendly manures and pest control measures. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are also too expensive for most of the home growers of tobacco. Online information is also available on the growing of organic tobacco.

Tobacco and Duty: most of the cheap home grown tobacco is duty free.

Tobacco grown and consumed by the grower is exempted from these charges ( This means duty free tobacco because duty is imposed on mainly manufacturers, importers and other consumers of tobacco products.

You can cure your own homegrown tobacco. Online access to such information is vast on the various methods of curing cheap tobacco.

Selling of homegrown tobacco to production companies is illegal. Backyard growers of this cheap tobacco are not allowed to sell their tobacco to production and processing companies that retail their products to the public consumers. This would mean that the tobacco is no longer duty free.

Tobacco grown for commercial purposes has to be subjected to all the charges required by the law. Companies like Snushjem can inform you about what tobacco does to your body.

Homegrown tobacco saves you up to 89% in taxes. This is the amount of taxes paid when buying cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products when you can roll your own tobacco adding to the fact that it is also duty free tobacco. Growing your own tobacco save you these factor costs.