People decided that it would be easier to take tobacco with them if they rolled it up. Not only could they smoke it without a pipe, but they could blend different flavors into it much more easily. Cigars today have tobaccos from around the world blended into them, and this gives them their ultra complex and unique flavors. Each cigar is different, and a true connoisseur will want to try them all – even the bad ones.

Tobacco has traveled a long way through both space and time. From the Caribbean to Spain, and then back again, tobacco has traveled the world. In this day and age, you can get a good cigar for less than a sack of pomegranates. Cigars have evolved to be used by the people of the world.

In our modern times, many people enjoy sparking up a cigar as a way to end their day and start winding down. What was once a spiritual plant with medical properties is now being enjoyed by people worldwide. The cigar is a wonderful invention.